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Free calls to LemonSIM from Skype & Viber

Free calls to LemonSIM from Skype & Viber

LemonSIM Offers Free Calls from Skype & Viber

LemonSIM users can benefit from the combined technological advantages of Skype, Viber and LemonSIM, as they have entered into a partnership to offer free calls to LemonSIM numbers from Skype and Viber. The users can activate and deactivate certain features on their mobile phones by using the following methods:
Activation Deactivation Status Check
dial *146*711# dial *146*710# dial *146*712#

How to Make Calls from Skype & Viber Using LemonSIM?

Once the feature to make calls is activated using the above numbers, you can activate the Skype & Viber to LemonSIM calling facility by using this dialing format in Skype or Viber: +372800XXXXXXXX; XXXXXXXX is essentially the number of the LemonSIM excluding the 372 prefix.

What Is The Charge On Incoming Calls From Skype & Viber?

The incoming calls from Skype or Viber can be made free of cost by users registered with Skype or Viber. The incoming calls to Skype and Viber from LemonSIM are priced at the rate of host countries regular incoming call rate + 0.15€/min.

Once the caller makes a call from Skype or Viber, the cost of incoming calls using a LemonSIM will be the rate charged in the host country + 0.15 EUR per min. For the Skype or Viber caller, the charge will be free whereas for the call receiver who is in Italy (incoming calls are free) for example, he will have to pay 0.15€/min.

Important Terms and Conditions

  • Getting incoming calls from Skype or Viber users mostly get the call from number +372800. In certain remote conditions, the number may change.
  • A user dialing a phone number in Estonia for example, using the Skype or Viber Dial Pad, needs to dial the Estonian country code followed by the LemonSIM number 800XXXXXXXX, the prefix number +372 is automatically added to the number.
  • The users dialing a LemonSIM number (without 800) using the Skype or Viber, will have to pay through Skype or Viber credit.
  • In case the free Skype & Viber feature in a certain LemonSIM phone number is not activated, the user is eligible to get free incoming calls from Skype and Viber. On dialing such a user number, an automated message informing either the number is switched off or the user is out of the coverage range, will be played.
With LemonSIM and Skype or Viber, you will stay connected with your family 24/7, anywhere you are in!



- Free incoming calls
- Outgoing Calls from 0.15 €/min
- Outgoing SMS from 0.06 €
- Prepaid. No surprises in costs!
- Perfect for Travellers!




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